Wi-Fi Technology

A VersaTrak Wi-Fi system consists of transmitters that talk through your existing Wi-Fi access points in your buildings.  The data goes from the access point across the wired network to the VersaTrak server.   Using Wi-Fi technology to collect your temperatures and other critical data has some advantages over 900MHz.

  • You can drop a single transmitter in anywhere you have Wi-Fi without having to add 900 Infrastructure
  • You can plug the Wi-Fi transmitter in and use the batteries as backup (battery shelf life is 10+ years)


Using a Wi-Fi system you can monitor just about anything you want such as:

  • Device temperatures (-325 to over 1,000 degrees. Special probes may be required)
  • Ambient room temperature and humidity (great for OR’s labs, computer rooms, medical storage)
  • Equipment and door status (on/off or open/closed situations)
  • Differential pressures (perfect for isolation rooms and compounding rooms)
  • Steam trap Status
  • Real time particle count (perfect for compounding rooms)
  • and just about any other type of measurement you need to take, just ask us