900 MHz

A VersaTrak 900 MHz system consists of transmitters, signal repeaters (power boosting) and a network attached VersaHub (receiver and data buffer) to send the wireless data to the server.  Using 900 MHz technology to collect your temperatures and other critical data has some advantages over Wi-Fi.

  • The signal from the transmitters will travel much further through doors, walls and floors
  • The battery life is much longer (3+ years)
  • You can plug a repeater in anywhere you need extra coverage (no dealing with IT)


Using a 900 MHz system you can monitor just about anything you want such as:

  • Device temperatures (-325 to over 1,000 degrees.  Special probes may be required)
  • Ambient room temperature and humidity (great for OR’s labs, computer rooms, medical storage)
  • Equipment and door status (on/off or open/closed situations)
  • Differential pressures (perfect for isolation rooms and compounding rooms)
  • Steam trap status
  • Real-time particle count (perfect for compounding rooms)
  • and just about any other type of measurement you need to take, just ask us


One of the major benefits of a 900 MHz system is that it is self contained and does not require a lot of involvement from IT to grow.  It also does not rely on the WI-Fi system always being up and running to function.